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AAS Chromaphone 3 + Packs - 50% OFF

Banner AAS Chromaphone 3 + Packs - 50% OFF

Save 50% on Chromaphone 3, Chromaphone 3 Update, Chromaphone + Packs and all single Packs including the new release Transmutation now.

Chromaphone 3 uses acoustic resonators to create drums, percussion, mallet, string, and other unique instruments. They get sparked into life by a mallet and a flexible noise generator. This versatile instrument provides a delightful mixture of real-life presence and distinctive timbres that can’t be found anywhere else.

All Chromaphone Packs work not only with Chromaphone but also with the free AAS Player plug-in.

Valid through March 9.

Produits participants:
Chromaphone 3
Acoustic Object Synthesizer Plug-in
Chromaphone 3 + Packs
Acoustic Object Synthesizer Plug-in incl. Expansion Packs
Chromaphone 3 Update
Update from Chromaphone 1 or 2 to Version 3
Deconstruction  - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
102 Landscape Presets for Chromaphone 2
Solids - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Preset collection for Chromaphone 2 by Francis Preve
Synth City - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s
Transmutation - Chromaphone 3 Sound Pack
Cinematic Preset Sound Collection by Michel Basque
Turmoil District - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Trap, RnB, Hip Hop & Ambient Presets by Emeric Emeric Zubar

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