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Baroque Bundle
CineHarpischord & Viola da Gamba
Ancient Bones
Death Whistle, Trident Shell, and a Femur Trumpet
African Bundle
Three African Instruments: Marimba, Udu & Kalimba
Tonal Ticky Tackies
Collection of semi-tonal Percussion Instruments
CineBells Bundle
Orchestra Percussion section essentials
Chromatic handbell set - recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage
Deeply sampled African Kalimba
Rio Grooves
Original Brazilian Percussion Library
The Everything Bundle
Complete Cinesamples Libraries Bundle
Percussion Grooves Bundle
Bundle containing 4 Percussion Libraries
CineSymphony Complete Bundle
12 orchestral Libraries in a bundle
Containing all 4 libraries from the original CinePerc Series
Collection of pitched bells, dulcimers and keyboards
Full Orchestral Ensemble of playable chords & inversions.
Iron Guitars
Multi-sampled electric guitar powerchord library
Sound Design and Metallic Sound Effects Design Tool
Piano in Blue
Columbia Records' Historic Steinway D Concert Grand Piano
Session Drummer
Instruments and Loops of Jazz Drum Kits in Various Styles
Randys Celeste
Unique Celeste by Randy Kerber
CineBrass Sonore
Thick and warm sound trumpet and horns
CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble
Classic Twelve Horn patches from CineBrass PRO
CineLegacy Percussion
Cinesamples Legacy Series of Percussion Libraries