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CineStrings SOLO
Library of Orchestral String Soloists
CineWinds CORE
Essentials of the Orchestral Woodwinds Section
CineWinds PRO
Expansion to the Orchestral CineWinds CORE Library
Deep Percussion Beds Bundle
Bundle containing Deep Percussion Beds 1 & 2
Deep Percussion Beds 2
Epic Emotional Percussion Beds and action grooves library
Drums of War 2
Massive and Epic Cinematic Drums Vol.2
Dulcimer & Zither
Incredibly detailed Dulcimer and Zither Library
CineBrass PRO
Orchestral Brass Expansion recorded at the MGM Stage
CineBrass COMPLETE Bundle
Four Brass Libraries from the CineSymphony Series
CineBrass CORE
Orchestral Brass Essentials recorded at the MGM Stage
CineStrings CORE
Orchestral Strings Essentials recorded at the MGM Stage
CineStrings Runs
Strings collection of tempo-locked runs, scales and rips
CineSymphony LITE
The Essentials of all Orchestral Instrument Sections
CineSymphony CORE Bundle
Bundle containing 4 libraries from the CineSymphony Series
CineWinds COMPLETE Bundle
Bundle containing 3 libraries from the CineWinds Series
Deep Percussion Beds
Epic and Emotional Percussion Beds and Action Loops
Drums of War
Massive and Epic Cinematic Drums Vol.1
Drums of War Bundle
Bundle containing both Drums of War Libraries
Voxos: Epic Virtual Choir
Virtual epic choir, boys choir, soloists, phrases
Natural and warm sounding orchestra woodwind library
The Blue Bundle
Concert Piano and an electro-mechanical Piano
Keyboard in Blue
Genuine Electro-mechanical Piano
Piano Bundle
Assembly of 3 great piano libraries
Sew What
The Sounds of Sewing
Randys Bundle
Unique instrument manipulation and extended techniques