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Taylor Davis
Solo Violin by Artist, Taylor Davis
Tina Guo Vol 2
Great sounding cello with new colors plus phrases
Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos
Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos
CineBrass CORE + CineWinds CORE Bundle
Core Bundle including CineBrass & CineWinds
CineBrass PRO + CineWinds PRO Bundle
PRO Bundle including CineBrass PRO & CineWinds PRO
CineBrass + CineWinds COMPLETE Bundle
Complete Bundle including all five Brass & Winds Libraries
CineStrings CORE + CineBrass CORE Bundle
CORE Bundle containing CineStrings & CineBrass
Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato
Tina Guo's Seamless Legato Acoustic Cello
CineStrings RUNS + Hollywoodwinds Bundle
Bundle containing CineStrings RUNS + Hollywoodwinds
Randys Prepared Piano
Collection of 3 pianos recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage
CineWinds Monster Low Winds
Super beefy low woodwind ensemble
Tina Guo Legato Bundle
Complete collection of Tina Guo's Acoustic Cello
The Choir Bundle
VOXOS Epic Choirs + Voices of War
Voices of War
Voices of nordic warriors
90s Retro Trumpets
The trumpet sounds of bygone times... The 90s
Franco-Flemish 1624 Iohannes Rückers Colmar harpsichord
Follow-up to the Piano in Blue with 4 unique characters
CineStrings RUNS + Hollywoodwinds + CineHarps Bundle
Collection of deeply sampled orchestral harps
CineStrings COMPLETE Bundle
All 3 Strings libraries from the CineSeries
Dulcimer & Zither & Viola da Gamba Bundle
Cinesamples' World Series Highlights Bundle
Viola da Gamba
Versatile 6-stringed Renaissance Instrument
CineBrass Descant Horn
A perfect partner to CineBrass Core and Pro
African Marimba & Udu
A collection of sampled African Instruments
CineStrings SOLO
Library of Orchestral String Soloists
CineWinds CORE
Essentials of the Orchestral Woodwinds Section
CineWinds PRO
Expansion to the Orchestral CineWinds CORE Library
Deep Percussion Beds Bundle
Bundle containing Deep Percussion Beds 1 & 2
Deep Percussion Beds 2
Epic Emotional Percussion Beds and action grooves library
Drums of War 2
Massive and Epic Cinematic Drums Vol.2
Dulcimer & Zither
Incredibly detailed Dulcimer and Zither Library
CineBrass COMPLETE Bundle
Three Brass Libraries from the CineSymphony Series
CineBrass PRO
Orchestral Brass Expansion recorded at the MGM Stage
CineBrass CORE
Orchestral Brass Essentials recorded at the MGM Stage
CineStrings CORE
Orchestral Strings Essentials recorded at the MGM Stage
CineStrings Runs
Strings collection of tempo-locked runs, scales and rips
CineSymphony LITE
The Essentials of all Orchestral Instrument Sections
CineWinds COMPLETE Bundle
Bundle containing 3 libraries from the CineWinds Series
CineSymphony CORE Bundle
Bundle containing 4 libraries from the CineSymphony Series
Deep Percussion Beds
Epic and Emotional Percussion Beds and Action Loops
Drums of War
Massive and Epic Cinematic Drums Vol.1
Drums of War Bundle
Bundle containing both Drums of War Libraries
Natural and warm sounding orchestra woodwind library
Piano Bundle
Assembly of 4 great piano libraries
Sew What
The Sounds of Sewing
Ancient Bones
Death Whistle, Trident Shell, and a Femur Trumpet
African Bundle
Three African Instruments: Marimba, Udu & Kalimba
Tonal Ticky Tackies
Collection of semi-tonal Percussion Instruments
CineBells Bundle
Orchestra Percussion section essentials
Chromatic handbell set - recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage
Deeply sampled African Kalimba
Rio Grooves
Original Brazilian Percussion Library
Percussion Grooves Bundle
Bundle containing 4 Percussion Libraries
The Everything Bundle
Complete Cinesamples Libraries Bundle
CineSymphony Complete Bundle
Nine orchestral Libraries in a bundle
Containing all 4 libraries from the original CinePerc Series
Collection of pitched bells, dulcimers and keyboards
Full Orchestral Ensemble of playable chords & inversions.
Iron Guitars
Multi-sampled electric guitar powerchord library
Sound Design and Metallic Sound Effects Design Tool
Piano in Blue
Columbia Records' Historic Steinway D Concert Grand Piano
Session Drummer
Instruments and Loops of Jazz Drum Kits in Various Styles
Randys Celeste
Unique Celeste by Randy Kerber
CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble
Classic Twelve Horn patches from CineBrass PRO
CineLegacy Percussion
Cinesamples Legacy Series of Percussion Libraries