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Cinematique Instruments

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Since 2010 we all know and love Cinematique Instruments for their unique virtual instruments, firing up our creativity, inspiration and individuality.

Vertigo Violin
Unique and inspiring Violin Ensemble
Vertigo Glass & Iron
17 meticulously selected glass & metal sounds
Vertigo Cello
Electrifying Solo Articualtions & Trio Playing Techniques
Vertigo Flute
Versatile flute instrument for airy textures
Powerful Rhythmic Inspiration
Ensemblia 2 Orchestral Bundle
Ensemblia 2 Orchestral Shorts
Short, expressive, intimate - great orchestral colours
Ensemblia 2 Orchestral Longs
Expressive orchestral colours with automatic voice division
8.0 of 5
Create highly complex sounds, ambiences and textures
Vertigo Strings
16 meticulously selected sounds and instruments
Fine Mallets
Arsenal of 7 mallet instruments
Ensemblia 2 Percussive
A versatile Percussion library
Grand Harp
Concert Harp with a wide variety of playing techniques
Mociula Lab
A bundle of synth tools
Charakter Piano Collection
Unique sounds, real life and breath
Deconstructed Piano
Sounds, noises and textures created with a Piano
A modern creative composer Tool
Zilhouette Strings
Versatile Collection of Strings by Cinematique Instruments
Lap Harp
Inspiring sounds based on simple aerophonic instruments
Ensemblia All3 Percussive
Percussive, Elektronika and Industria
Ensemblia 2 Elektronika
Finest Electronica Drums and Percussion
Hammered Dulcimer
Detailed sampled Dulcimer
3-stringed prima Balalaika which has a typical E-E-A tuning