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ChineeKong V3
Date de sortie : 10.04.2019

ChineeKong V3

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 99,-$ 99.00£ 90.12

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Enter the rhythm of China

ChineeKong V3+ is comprised of six main categories: Luo(Gongs), NaoBo(Cymbals), GuZu(Drum sets), BanBang(Wood Percussion), ZhongLing(Bells), and QiTa(MISC), divided into a total number of 50 subsets. These instruments are being widely used in today's Chinese pop music and film scores.

Modern musicians have always been searching for the next NEW sound to spice up the next big hit. Tired of the samey, usual beat everyone is making? Kong Audio's ChineeKong V3 IS the answer to the quest. With the rare and exotic acoustic percussion samples, ChineeKong V3 can add an atmospheric touch to film score compositions, yet still fits well in the pop music when necessary. ChineeKong V3 also provides inspiring, refreshing materials for modern offbeat experimental musicians. It's a percussion-fest. It's a wild dream come true.

System requirements

  • 773 MB (ChineeKong V3), 270 MB (ChineeYangQin)
  • Powered by brand-new QIN RV engine
  • Windows XP / VISTA / Windows 7
  • 2GB RAM 32 / 64 bit
  • VST host sequencers compatible
  • Compatible with FXpansion RTAS Adapter

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The system requirements can be found in the product description or on the manufacturer's website.

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