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Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio-Logo
Synth Stack 2
Synth Stack 2 includes ten virtual instruments
Quadra Synthesizer
Vintage synthesizer inspired by the ARP Quadra
Stardust 201 Tape Echo
Authentically modeled vintage tape echo
Detailed emulation of the Roland Jupiter-4
Emulation of the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer
Vector Bundle
Powerful Vector Synthesis Modules for Voltage Modular
Cherry Audio Year Two Collection
High-End Modules for Voltage Modular
Cherry Audio Year One Collection
21 innovative Modules for Voltage Modular
Vintage Voice Bundle
A Complete Semi-Modular Vintage Synthesizer
The MS Synth Experience, Supercharged
Eight Voice
Emulation of the Oberheim Eight Voice Synthesizer
Polymode Synthesizer
Massive Poly Sound Machine inspired by the Polymoog Synth
ARP 2600 emulation
Meet the DCO-106
MS Vintage Bundle
Recreate legendary Japanese synths sounds from the 70s
Voltage Modular Nucleus 2
Get access to the fundamentals of modular synthesis
FM Bundle
FM Synthesis Modules for Voltage Modular
PSP Ultimate Modular Collection
All the very best from PSP Modular
PSP nitroModular Collection
The afterburner for you modular
PSP Classics Modular Collection
The world of PSP becomes modular
PSP Studio Modular Collection
Soundshaping inside your modular
Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums
The whole world of Modular Synthesis
Voltage Modular Ignite
Catch a glimpse at what modular 2.0 has to offer
Voltage Ignite Upgrade to Core + Electro Drums
Upgrade to Voltage Modular Core + Electro Drums
PSP Poly Modular Collection
Escape the Modular Mono Imposition