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CARS - SUVs & Vans
Date de sortie : 08.05.2018

CARS - SUVs & Vans

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Cars - SUVS & VANS: The sound of Big wheels

Buckle up and hold on tight for a huge collection of big wheelers including Hummer H3, Porsche Cayenne, Hyundai H1, Landrover Defender, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Mitsubishi Outlander, VW Caddy – and there’s more on the list.

A ton of driving and foley sounds

Each of these cars comes with detailed individual mechanical characteristics. Boom Library has combined long takes of multi-channel car engine sounds and drive-bys with a comprehensive collection of interior handling sounds such as indicators, ventilation, pedal break, seatbelt and whatever you can think of. The sound designers covered the entire range of possible car sounds.

Multi-Channel Recordings for your custom mix

Boom Library has recorded each car with a multi-channel setup. You get the same take recorded from three different positions (exhaust, engine, interior) to expand your mixing possibilities and to shape the sound exactly the way you want.

Included Sounds - Keywords

vw, cars, caddy, drive-by, interior, handling, inside, outside, vans, suvs, hummer, hyundai, landrover, mercedes, benz, sprinter, mitsubishi, porsche, toyota, volvo, engine, slow, fast, kickdown, horns, wipers, trunks, pedals, gearshift, accelerate

1700+ ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS 1710+ WAV files • 96kHz/24bit • 24GB


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