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Since 2003, BFD has been the virtual drum software of choice for producers, mix engineers, songwriters, and electronic drummers around the world. The original BFD software pioneered a new way of approaching software drums by delivering expressive articulations, rich timbral detail, and in-depth mixing options.

In 2020, BFD was acquired by inMusic Brands, the global leader in music production hardware, software, and consumer electronics.

BFD Sphere Expansion Pack
A hard rock and metal expansion pack
BFD Metal Snares Expansion Pack
Premium metal-shell snares for BFD3
BFD Heavy Expansion Pack
2 Yamaha drumkits with bonus snare
BFD Decatom Expansion Pack
10 tuned toms for BFD3
BFD Dunnett Ti Expansion Pack
Complete titanium-shell drum kit
BFD Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal Expansion Pack
Progressive, modern and technical metal grooves
BFD Crush Expansion Pack
Expansion Pack capturing the Sublime AXM Drum Kit
BFD Cocktail Expansion Pack
Expansion Pack for BFD3 based on the Yamaha Hipgig Drumkit
BFD London Sessions Expansion
Expansion Pack for BFD3 recorded at AIR Studios in London
Evolved acoustic drum software
BFD Dark Farm Expansion Pack
Hard-hitting drums recorded at Middle Farm Studios
BFD Stanton Moore Cymbals Expansion Pack
Stanton Moore signature Bosphorus cymbals
BFD Virtually Erskine Grooves Expansion Pack
Over 400 Grooves for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2
BFD Sleishman Drums Expansion Pack
Sleishman free-floating drums
BFD Vintage Rock Grooves Expansion Pack
Classic riff-based rock genres
BFD Virtually Erskine Expansion Pack
Jazz and rock kits played by Peter Erskine
BFD Signature Snares Vol. 1 Expansion Pack
5 Yamaha Signature-series snares
BFD Oak Custom Expansion Pack
BFD Sabian Digital Vault Expansion Pack
Cymbals and hihats collection for BFD
BFD Stanton Moore Grooves Expansion Pack
200 Grooves and 100 Fills for BFD
BFD Sleishman Snares Expansion Pack
Sleishman free-floating snare drums
BFD Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Pack
BFD Modern Rock Grooves Expansion Pack
BFD JM Essentials Vol.1 Expansion Pack
BFD JM Essentials Vol.2 Expansion Pack