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Best Service, founded 1986 as a pioneer in the upcoming sampling market is a Munich based Company, committed to providing the best virtual instruments and sound library experience possible, covering an exceptional range of inspiring tools for musicians.

Chris Hein
Eduardo Tarilonte
Galaxy Instruments
The Orchestra  Family
The Orchestra Essentials
Your fast track to Orchestral Composing
The Orchestra Upgrade Essentials
Your fast track to Orchestral Composing
Accordions 2 Crossgrade
For registered owners of at least one Accordions 2 - Single
The Orchestra Complete
La façon la plus simple de composer de la musique orchestral
Dark ERA
Collection d'instruments de l'âge des ténèbres
Chris Hein Orchestra Complete
Complete collection of Chris Hein´s Orchestra Instruments
Chris Hein Orchestral Brass EXtended
Collection of 12 Orchestral Brass Instruments & 9 Ensembles
Halls of Fame 3 - Complete Edition
Les reverbs hardware de légende de ces 50 dernières années
Celtic ERA
Une collection sonore illustrant les mythes nordiques
Chris Hein Ensemble Strings
Le design avancé d’ensemble de cordes
Accordions 2
Vaste collection d’accordéons virtuels
The Orchestra
Une collection orchestrale tout en un de 80 musiciens
Ancient ERA Persia
Le son des contes de fées de l’orient ancien
Chris Hein Solo Violin EXtended
Quatre violons solos exceptionnels
Ethno World 6 Complete
L'ultime collection d'instruments et de voix ethniques
Chris Hein Solo ContraBass EXtended
Three comprehensive Solo Contrabasses!
Era II Vocal Codex
Eduardo Tarilonte Vocal Codex – Voices of the past
Chris Hein Solo Cello EXtended
Four fantastic sounding Solo Cello instruments
Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete
Collection of 14 virtual Solo Strings by Chris Hein
Chris Hein Solo Viola EXtended
Quite simply the best virtual Viola ever created
ERA II  Medieval Legends
Un choix d’instruments anciens encore plus vaste
Elysion 2
Scoring Tool sur la base d'Ensemble Engine
Elysion 2 Crossgrade
For owners of "The Orchestra" Family Products
Elysion 2 Upgrade
For owners of Elysion
Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica Upgrade
For registered users of Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica Lite