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Bela D Media

Bela D Media-Logo

Bela D Media was formed in 2003 by CEO/Producer Francis Belardino and have reached directly to thousands of users worldwide. Their products are extensively used in feature films, major network television shows and many top video games.

Native Voice EIRA
Soprano solo voice of Norwegian descent
V Choir by Design
12 piece youthful choir section
Giovani Revive
An authentic youth choir for Kontakt
V Soprano Choir
Female soprano chamber choir
V Alto Choir
24-piece alto chamber choir library for Kontakt
Phantom Voice
Male choir library for Kontakt
Gothic Stage Choir
12-piece Male and Female Voices for Kontakt
Vocal Tools Latin Tenor
Solo Tenor vocalist library for Kontakt
Paravox X
Youth soprano voices for ambient vocal design
Gothic Sister
Female Alto Voices for Kontakt
Duet by design
Young male and female youth vocalists library
Basso Profundo Soloist for Kontakt
Native Voice SORA
Soprano Solo Voice Library for Kontakt
Native Voice MAYA
Soprano Solo Voice Library for Kontakt
Vocal Tools Latin Soprano
Solo Soprano vocalist library for Kontakt
Native Voice AIZA
Soprano Solo Voice Library for Kontakt
Vocal Tools Quartet
Solo Vocalists Library for Kontakt
Youth soprano solo voice library
Diva Revamp
Classical Female Vocal Phrases for Kontakt