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Audiofier is a company founded by Roby Meola, who is at present actively working as a composer and sound designer for Films and Tv Commercials. The Audiofier team includes studio and live musicians and composers for Media, Film and Tv Commercials.

Veevum Sync - Carbon
Add pulses and grit to your music
Veevum Sync - Silver
Add light pulses and shiny details to your music
Veevum Sync - Gold
Inject movement and organic flavours in your music
Veevum Astra
Complex Evolving Sampling for Ambient/Cinematic Music
Veevum Luna
Gritty Spacey Sampling for Ambient/Cinematic Music
Veevum Terra
100 Acoustic Earthly Sound Sources & 50+ Snapshots Presets
Veevum Real
The 3rd member of the Veevum Family
Veevum A/D
The 2nd member of the Veevum Family
Veevum One
The 1st member of the Veevum family
Rhythms and Loops Combinator
Riffendium Vol.6
Exciting rhythmic performances
Riffendium Vol.5
Fast-paced guitar performances for your action music
Riffendium Vol.4
Your new companion for Trailer music and beyond
Riffendium Vol.3
Ambient electric guitar loops
Riffendium Vol.2
Heavy, massive raging electric guitars
Riffendium Vol.1
Editable Loops library
Riffendium Bass
Funky/Soul Bass Guitar for Kontakt
Unique Step Sequencer
SEQui2R Synth
Analog Style Step Sequencer
Bowed, Blown & Human Sustained Events
All things strung
Ambient/Cinematic Soundscapes Generator
20x4 Layers Ambient Machine
Bells & twinkly things