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AUDIFIED is a company specialized in multimedia software and hardware development. They create audio effects, host applications, audio players, recorders and DSP hardware.

ToneSpot Acoustic Pro
Improves the tone of stringed acoustic instruments
MixChecker Pro Upgrade
Upgrade for all registered users of MixChecker
MixChecker Pro
Pro version of the reference device simulation plug-in
RZ062 Equalizer
Virtual emulation of Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b valve EQ
STA Effects
Set of six High-end Tube Processors
Ultimate Mixing Assistent
u73b Compressor
Faithful Emulation of a German Broadcast Compressor/Limiter
U78 Saturator
Valve saturating Plug-in
ToneSpot Bass Express
Preset based one-click plugin
VocalMint Compressor
One knob multi-stage compressor for voice
Tonespot Computer Music
Preset-based tool for any audio signal
Sphene Pro
High-gain bass workstation for glass-shattering bass sounds
VocalMint Saturator
One knob valve saturation shaper for vocals
ToneSpot Voice Express
Preset based one-click plug-in
ToneSpot Voice Pro
All-in-one Vocal Mixing Tool
ToneSpot Electric Express
Preset based one-click plug-in for electric guitar sounds
ToneSpot Electric Pro
Dedicated plugin for electric guitar sounds
ToneSpot Drum Express
Preset based one-click plug-in for drums
ToneSpot Drum Pro
Improves the tone of acoustic, electric or synth drums
ToneSpot Acoustic Express
Best tone of string instruments spotted easily
ToneSpot Bass Pro
Swiss Army Knife for all tone hunters
Advanced voice detection plug-in
DW Drum Enhancer
All-in-one drum processing plug-in