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Apogee products deliver ultimate sound quality, inspiring simplicity and incredible value. Apoogee continues to innovate and challenge old paradigms with new solutions that advance audio recording and elevate creativity.

Clearmountains Domain
Bob Clearmountain's Signature FX Plugins
Clearmountains Phases
Classic flanger/phraser processor
Clearmountains Spaces
Simple, powerful reverb plugin
Symphony ECS Channel Strip
EQ, Compression and Saturation plugin
FX Rack Complete Bundle
5 Apogee FX & FX Rack Plugins
FX Rack ModFX Bundle
Visual Compressor/Limiter & 6 Band Visual Equalizer
FX Rack Pultec Bundle
Program & Midrange Equalizer
FX Rack Pultec MEQ-5
Midrange Equalizer modeled from a Pultec unit
FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A
Program Equalizer modeled from a Pultec unit
FX Rack Opto-3A
Optical Compressor/Limiter
FX Rack ModEQ 6
6 Band Parametric EQ
FX Rack ModComp
Modern Compressor/Limiter