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Analog FX

Analog FX

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AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win
Taille du téléchargement: 1,57 GB
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€ 49,50$ 49.13£ 44.05

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Analog FX
Expect the unexpected

Rapid solutions for Sound Design architects. Unbelievable new dimensions provided by a hybrid analog tonal source concept. Instant Action, Emphasis, Momentum, Time Travel, Emotion, Weird Science, Stimulants and more. Immense assortment of loops and single-shot FX for Trailers, Games, Animation, CGI, Ads, Film, TV, Web and other multimedia situations. A strategically organized Elastik Audio FX collection in a class of it´s own. See why!

Analog FX is a sophisticated sample collection boasting a massive library of premium and designed analog Sounds and Loops which contain over 1.7 GB of cutting-edge sound material. The complete content—programmed and produced to the highest possible standard—provides a wide range of styles. It is a state-of-the-art FX collection of samples offering a huge variety of atmospheres, noises, basslines, leads, sweeps, LFO as well as hundreds synth loops. The library is produced for: advertising and game audio, trailer creation, cinema and tv post production, animation, sound design, multimedia presentations and for all the different musical styles and producers looking for analog production fx elements. All sounds are simplistically organized into folders. Loops are enhanced with B.P.M. information and tonal effects are accurately described and assigned to their root keys. You will locate every sample real quick for direct use.

Responsible for the production of Ueberschall Analog FX is Marc Steinmeier—highly respected music producer and sound designer in the international music industry.
There´s no doubt that Analog FX is the best fx collection you can buy right now to achieve the authentic sound design of today.
Expect the Unexpected

Atmo FX (Dark Mood, Filtered, Low End, XXL), LFO FX (Dark Mood, Filtered, Grooves, Hard & Dirty, Random, Resonance, Sirenes), Mixture FX, Noise FX, SciFi FX (Filtered Drones, Signals, Sub FX, Sweep FX (Up- and Downlifter), Synth Gooves FX (Basslines, Noiselines, Sublines, Synthlines), Wired FX

1.7 GB Analog Sounds, 960 Loops and Samples
Works in the Elastik Player for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS


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Flag ENspaceMusic & PC, 01/2008

Analog FX
With this sounds you can enrich your productions with the finishing touch.

Analog FX

Music & PC, 01-2008


960 Samples and 1,7 GB, sorted in the categories Atmo FX, LFO FX, Mixture FX, Noise FX, SciFi FX, Sweep FX, Synth Groove FX and Weired FX. Wobbling PADs, grimmy basses, cheerping filter, bass- and synthlines and a lot of electronic created sounds straight out of the analog building set.
The effects used are all old fashioned synth styles. No external FX were added. This may sound a little bit thin for the younger, digital-spoiled ear but it is no con to the quality of the library.

Extraordinary sounds, especially for those who are not familiar with the analog sound. Except for some bass- and synthlines all samples aim towards effects and not towards melody. Therefore the clientele is at home in Game-Audio, Sound Design, TV-Post Production, Trailer and Movies. And they will be happy about this fancy offer. With this sounds you can enrich your productions with the finishing touch.

Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Flag DEspaceMusic & PC, 01/2008

Analog FX
Damit kann man so mancher Aufnahme den letzten Schliff geben.

Analog FX

Music & PC, 01-2008


960 Samples auf 1,7 GB, sortiert in die Kategorien Atmo FX, LFO FX, Mixture FX, Noise FX, SciFi FX, Sweep FX, Synth Groove FX und Weired FX. Wabernde Flächen, grummelnde Bässe, zwitschernde Filterm dazu Bass- und Synthielines und jede Menge elektrisch erzeugter Geräusche aus dem Amalogbaukasten. An Effekten wird das aufgefahren, was auch ein alter Synth mit an Bord hat, extern wurde nichts hinzugefügt. Dadurch mag das für die digital verwöhnten jüngeren Ohren vielleicht stellenweise etwas dünn klingen, doch tut das der Qualität der Sounds keinen Abbruch.


Außergewöhnliche Klänge, vor allem für jene, die im analogen Umfeld nicht so zu Hause sind. Bis auf einige Bass- und Synthielines sind die Samples nicht Melodie, sondern auf Effekte ausgerichtet. Die angepeilte Klientel liegt daher - auch nach Aussage des Herstellers - im Bereich Game-Audio, Sound Design, TV-Post Production, Trailer und Film. Und die wird sich sicher über das ausgefallene Angebot freuen. Damit kann man so mancher Aufnahme den letzten Schliff geben.

Flag ENspaceSound and Recording, 02/2008

Analog FX
This package fullfills every expectation. No digital effect is disturbing the analog peace.

Analog FX
Sound and Recording, February 2008

This package fullfills every expectation. No digital effect is disturbing the analog peace. From simple sweeps, strange noises and drones to ear cutting killerphrases - hundreds of extrem electronic analog sounds. This is the little buzzy and snarly background sound in pop productions like Madonna and Depeche Mode.
A wonderful collection of simple sounds for electronik-pop, electronica, techno or film- and multimediaprojects.

Just beautiful.


Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall


Flag DEspaceSound and Recording, 02/2008

Analog FX
Einfach schön. Hier stört kein digitaler Effekt den analogen Seelenfrieden.

Analog FX
Sound and Recording, Februar 2008

Mit 1,7 GB und 960 Loops mag das eine der schmaleren Produktionen sein, aber es
kommt ja schließlich auf den Sound an. (...)
Klanglich macht das Paket seinem Namen alle Ehre. Hier stört kein digitaler Effekt
den analogen Seelenfrieden.Von simplen Sweeps über seltsame Noises und Drones
bis hin zu Ohr und Membran zersägenden Killerfräsen finden sich hier Hunderte
extrem elektronischer Analogsounds.
Das sind die brummenden und schnarrenden Kleinode,wie man sie in aufwendigen
Popproduktionen von Madonna bis Depeche Mode so ganz nebenbei im Hintergrund
höt. (...)
Wer sich solcherlei Filter- und LFO-geschwängerte Klänge nicht selbst
zusammenbasteln will oder kann, findet hier eine riesige Auswahl herrlich einfacher
Sounds unterschiedlicher Länge für Elektronik-Pop, Electro,Techno oder auch Film-
und Multimediaprojekte.
Einfach schön.
Sound And Recording


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Free ELASTIK 2.6 Player is included in this product or can be downloaded for free!

Download Elastik Mac
Download Elastik Win
Download Free Elastik Soundbank
(~ 2 GB free loops and samples from different libraries)

free elastik soundbank

Mac & PC (32 Bit and 64 Bit) - AudioUnits, VST, StandAlone, AAX (PT 10.3.6 or newer), RTAS (32bit only)

System requirements (minimum):
Mac OS X 10.7
Windows 7 / Win 8

Elastik 2 Features

  • innovative loopeye functions
  • fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
  • prelisten in sync
  • sequence mode (loads of edtiting features per slice)
  • random sound replacement
  • parameter automation
  • realtime sync to host
  • bounce of original and modified loops
  • resizeable window format
  • mutiple soundbank management
  • timestretch and pitchshift in best quality

Elastik 2.6 New Features @ YouTube
Elastik 2 Introduction @ YouTube

All information is subject to change. The system requirements can change at any time due to the fact that software products are continuously evolving. If in doubt please consult the software manufacturers website for details or write an email to before purchasing. 

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