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Acon Digital

Acon Digital-Logo

Acon AS is a Norwegian company founded in April 1987. They focus on software products and services related to digital signal processing and audio processing.

Acon Acoustica Premium
Premium version of the comprehensive editing solution
Acon DeFilter
The perfect tool to even out tonal imbalances
Acon AudioLava
The easiest way to restore your vinyl and tape collection
Acon Acoustica Standard
Comprehensive audio editing and mastering solution
Acon Verberate
Vivid hall algorithm
Acon Restoration Suite
Clean up your audio files and make them shine again
Acon Verberate Immersive
3D version of a vivid hall algorithm
Acon Mastering Suite
Your Go-To bundle for audio mastering
Acon Equalize
An EQ that combines unique features with great sound
Acon DeVerberate
Attenuate or boost reverb already present in records