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Beat Making Bundle 2
Rhythmiq, Beatformer, Regroover Pro and all Expansion Packs
Creative instrument that adds motion to your drum loops
ERA De-Esser Pro
Sophisticated, yet fast and easy to use de-essing plug-in
ERA Voice Leveler
Smooth out annoying gain inconsistencies on-the-fly
ERA Bundle Pro
Multi-patented next-generation Audio Repair Bundle
ERA Bundle Standard
Fix common audio problems with one Single-knob
ERA Plosive Remover
Instantly fix unnatural plosive thumps
ERA De-Esser
Smooth out the harsh Ess-es from your Recordings
Shape the sound of your beats
accusonus ALL Bundle
Six innovative accusonuns products in One
Regroover Pro
Artificial-intelligence beat machine
Regroover Essential
Sampling reimagined
Simultaneously removes noise and reverberation
ERA Reverb Remover
Single-knob Dereverberation Plug-in
ERA Noise Remover
Single Knob Denoise Plug-in
Drumatom 2
Adjust microphone bleed according to your taste
ERA De-Clipper
The world’s first entirely automatic De-Clipper
Drum Mixing Bundle
Two powerful drum processing tools